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Where Are Our People is a global campaign aimed at returning Ukrainians who were illegally deported to the Russian Federation during the ongoing Russia-Ukrainian war.

It is a project organized by the Ukrainian PR Army — an NGO uniting PR professionals fighting on the communication frontline of Ukraine. We self organized in a team on the first day of the Russian full-scale war. The initiative counts 400+ members, including PR leaders of well-known Ukrainian companies. We work with journalists, opinion leaders, governments, and experts on a daily basis to achieve a common goal: a free and independent Ukraine with a bright future.

WIth our campaign Where Are Our People? we aim to prove that the deportation of Ukrainians is not a random cruelty of war, but Russia’s continuous policy that can not be overlooked.

Since February 24th, 2022, more than a million of Ukrainians have been deported to Russia. Most are women and children. They have been torn from their families and homes simply because they are Ukrainians — a nationality Russia’s leader openly says he wants to eliminate. A monstrous crime against humanity is happening now, in today’s Europe.

Every day, we talk to witnesses and victims of deportations, international organizations and media, governments and human rights agencies to document Russian atrocities of abducting and deporting our people.


We worked with the international press on publishing the stories of deportation. So far we have 20 pieces in the media published with our facilitation. More is coming!

We launched Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter to provide people with reliable information and calls to action, connect with the press and archive information about the war crime of deportation.

Together with our partners in France, Liberté pour l’Ukraine and Union des Ukrainians de France, we held a press conference dedicated to the issue of deported children. Among the participants were the Ukrainian Commissioner of Rights of Children, Ukrainian human rights experts, parents whose children experienced deportation by Russia, French activists and researchers. We had over 30 journalists joining the press conference which resulted in the 13 publications.

We co-started a petition to return deported Ukrainians.

We unite people who will become ambassadors of the project and convey the importance of the problem of depotation of Ukrainians among their circle of influence. We invite you to join the Where Are Our People? campaign and ask to

integrate the issue of deportation of Ukrainians into professional and public activities.

use personal or professional social networks to spread information about deportation with the hashtag #WhereAreOurPeople

mention the issue of deportation of Ukrainians in public speeches and interviews

demand support for Ukraine

Any initiative to spread information about the deportation
is welcome. We will be very grateful if you join the campaign
and contribute to the return of Ukrainians home.

We cannot leave our people in captivity of the enemy.
We won’t stop until we get an answer —



Anastasia Marushevska

Anastasia Marushevska

creator and lead of the project
Vladyslav Havrylov

Vladyslav Havrylov

researcher and writer

Diana Poladova

government relations manager
Viktoriia Povarchuk

Viktoriia Povarchuk

PR manager (viktoriya@pr.army)
Olena Kozachenko

Olena Kozachenko

Journo request manager
Katya Pavlevych

Katya Pavlevych

Communications & Advocacy Manager