Bi-Weekly Digest 22

Latest News

  • March 19: The Security Service of Ukraine has announced suspicions against two individuals involved in the deportation of Ukrainian children. One of the suspects is the Russian State Duma deputy Yana Lantratova and the other is her accomplice Inna Varlamova, the wife of Serhiy Myronov, the head of the faction in the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. During the occupation of Kherson, they forcibly took two minor pupils of the local Children’s Home to Russia. According to special services, it is about a newborn girl and a two-year-old boy.
  • March 18: 33 countries have joined the International Coalition for the Return of Ukrainian Children.
  • March 11: In six months of 2023, five Ukrainian deported children, taken to Russia from the occupied parts of the Kherson and Luhansk regions, died in Russia. One of them committed suicide.
  • March 7: The United States joined the International Coalition for the Return of Ukrainian Children, aimed at repatriating Ukraine’s children deported by Russian forces to the Russian Federation or Belarus.
  • March 6: The Security Service of Ukraine detained a collaborator in Kherson who, during the temporary seizure of the region, was engaged in forced passporting and deportation of Ukrainians.
  • March 5: The Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Andrii Kostin, criticized the UN for not speaking out actively enough regarding the abduction of Ukrainian children by Russia. In his opinion, it was the weak reaction of the international community to the deportation of children that prompted Hamas to use similar tactics during the attack on Israel on October 7.




Advocacy advances

  1. On March 19th, the US Congress passed the resolution that states that the House of Representatives holds the Russian government responsible for the illegal kidnapping of children from Ukraine and condemns these actions.
  2. On February 27th, the inaugural meeting of the Working Group convened to address the fourth tenet of the Peace Formula, focusing on the liberation of all detainees and deportees. A primary objective of our collective effort is to alleviate the plight of those held captive or forcibly removed from their homes. Each participating nation within the Working Group is empowered to devise and enact tailored strategies aimed at realizing the entirety of the fourth provision of the Peace Formula.
  3. Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets conducted a virtual meeting with Julie Sunday, Canada’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. Together, they deliberated on innovative concepts and strategies aimed at facilitating the repatriation of Ukrainian children displaced by deportation, thereby aiding Ukraine in their retrieval and reunification efforts.
  4. Vitsche Berlin organized a round table Forcible Deportation of Ukrainian Children in Rotes Rathaus. Where Are Our People? Researcher Anstasiia Saienko participated in the round table.




Materials we facilitated

  • The Guardian about deported Ukrainian children who managed to return to Ukraine


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