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Latest News

    • August 27: With the participation of the Ministry of Reintegration, Ukraine managed to return a 14 y.o. teenager from the temporarily occupied territory.
    • August 25: Ukraine returned 11 children from Russia and the temporarily occupied territories, Mykola Kuleba, the founder and head of the Save Ukraine organization, said.
      August 24: The State Department and the US Treasury Department have applied visa restrictions and sanctions to 13 Russian individuals and legal entities associated with the forcible removal of Ukrainian children. In particular, commissioners for children’s rights in Kaluga region, Iryna Ageeva, in Rostov region, Iryna Cherkasova, in Belgorod region, Galina Pyatih, the human rights commissioner in the Chechen Republic Mansur Soltayev, and Muslim Khuchiev, the head of the government of the Chechen Republic. Also the targets include the Akhmat Kadyrov Foundation, its board member and the Chechen leader’s mother Aymani Kadyrova, the Russian government-owned “summer camp” Artek in occupied Crimea, and its director Konstantin Fedorenko.
    • August 24: Despite anything, the occupiers in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine continue to deport children under the guise of summer vacations and recreation camps, the National Resistance Center reported
    • August 21: Elena Milskaya, the wife of the head of the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry, Aleksandr Korenkov, is reportedly involved in the deportation of Ukrainian children to Russia, according to an investigation published on 21 August by the Russian media outlet Proekt. Milskaya reportedly helped organize the deportation of Ukrainian children from Russian-occupied parts of Kherson region in November 2022 and Russian-occupied Donetsk since 2014, when Russia first invaded Ukraine.
    • August 17: Russia has deported another 450 children from areas of Ukraine under Russian occupation, the National Resistance Center reported.
  • August 16: Ombudsman Lubinets released a video telling the stories of forcibly deported Ukrainian children whom the office returned from Russia.

Advocacy advances

  1. The Regional Center for Human Rights issued a report detailing Belarus’ role in the involuntary expulsion of Ukrainian children. 
  2. Ukrainian Center for Human Rights ZMINA released a detailed report about the exact places where deported Ukrainian are taken to and held. The purpose of this report is to trace the methods and measures used by the Russian side for the forced transfer and deportation of protected persons who are in places of detention, based on information about the events that took place and continue to take place in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.
  3. The Regional Center for Human Rights shared Guidelines for Journalists on Proper Interviewing a Minor Victim of Illegal Deportation/Forced Displacement
  4. At the meeting in Saudi Arabia, Ukrainian Ombudsman stressed on humanitarian issues and the forcible deportation of Ukrainian children by Russian troops to Russia and Belarus. He said that currently, Ukraine needs assistance and help from third countries in their return.

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