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Story 8: Anonymous

On September 30, Russian troops broke into a house where a 16-year-old teenager (we keep his name anonymous), lived with his grandmother. It was late at night and there was no reason for such vandalism. Russians beat the boy in front of his grandmother. Then they forcibly took away the teenager.

He was brought to the detention camp in Berdyansk, on the outskirts of his hometown, which was occupied since February. There he was questioned under the assumption that he helped the Armed Forces of Ukraine and gave them information. After proving his innocence, the teenager was transferred to the police station. The Russian military kept him among other Ukrainian children and men in solitary captivity and forbade anyone from seeing him in person.

While in custody, the teenager taught occupiers and traitors history lessons. He had a strong interest in history, especially Ukrainian history. His books were taken by the Russians, who burned them.

The teenager’s grandmother was looking for him for a long time around Berdyansk. But when she found her grandson, Russians forbid to see him. The woman was only permitted to give him clothes, food, and medication. After a while, the teenager was released from the Russian captivity. He returned home to his grandmother, but the family is being watched and lives in constant anxiety. They are forbidden to leave the occupied Berdyansk


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