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Story 10: Pasha

In late September, 10 y.o. Pasha together with his mother and uncle made an attempt to evacuate from Kupiansk (Kharkiv region) which was then under constant heavy attack. The boy’s father stayed in the city in case something happened. And it did, unfortunately. Russian troops shelled the evacuation motorcade. Pasha’s mother died in the car and his uncle received multiple wounds.

The boy went missing and there were no clues that he survived the shelling. After a while, Pasha’s father, Denis, received a message with a video featuring his son. It was a Russian TV program about the evacuation motorcade from Kupiansk. After losing his mother and uncle in the shelling, Pasha was forcibly deported by Russians to the temporarily occupied Luhansk region and placed in a hospital. He only had a shrapnel wound in the hand and was alive. Though, on the video, he looked frustrated and scared. Having seen his mother dying in the shelling, his uncle wounded, and having been deported, the boy had no contacts with his remaining family.

Denis, the boy’s father, sought ways to return Pasha from captivity. We cannot disclose the details of the succeeding events and the whole process because it would endanger other people deported to the temporarily occupied Luhansk region. Eventually, Pasha was taken from captivity by his grandmother. They were allowed to leave only through the Russian border and to do this, they both had to take Russian passports. There was no other choice left. The grandmother and Pasha escaped from Russian captivity and landed in Europe. There they will remain until the war’s end. 

Pasha has survived shelling, his mother died in front of him. He went through captivity. Now, in Europe, the boy is taken care of physically and psychologically. He spoke to his father, Denis, who stayed in Ukraine, and told the whole story.


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