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Story 15: Yevheniia

When Russians occupied Kherson, they forcibly deported children from the region to Russia. 10-year-old Yevheniia was taken from her mother “to be evacuated to a safe place, in a boarding school in Anapa”, Russians said. They used manipulation to persuade people. Iryna, Yevheniia’s mother, didn’t know how to react. The collaborators urged her to give her child to the Russians. Yevheniia was deported among other children.

After three weeks, Iryna waited for her child to be brought back, to Kherson. At that time, the UAF was approaching to liberate the region. Iryna lost hope because she understood Russian wouldn’t give Yevheniia back. The only way was to go to Russia by herself and return her child.

With the help of volunteers, Iryna reached the boarding school in Anapa. Having gone through hell with Russian bureaucracy, the woman reunited with her daughter. They came back to Ukraine. Iryna was the only parent who came to return her child from that boarding school where childrend were forcibly deported, Other 60 kids stayed in occupation in Russia still waiting to be brought home


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