Bi-Weekly Digest 23

Latest News

  • March 31: As part of the efforts of the International Coalition for the Return of Ukrainian Children, a briefing was conducted in Ottawa in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada for diplomatic representatives from 55 countries worldwide, including nations from the Global South. Joined by Kata Chaba, Executive Director of the Bureau of Ukrainian Affairs at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the participants were introduced to the core principles of the coalition and its primary areas of focus.
  • March 29: The Security Service of Ukraine collected evidence on two citizens of Ukraine who contributed to the deportation to Russia of 15 pupils of the Novopetriv special school in the Mykolaiv region.
  • March 26: The Congress of Local Authorities of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg condemned the abduction and Russification of Ukrainian children and signed the corresponding Declaration.
  • March 25: Free the Children concert was held to draw attention to Ukrainian children deported by Russia in the city of Krugersdorp, near Johannesburg, in the Republic of South Africa. Free the Children concert is part of an artistic-civic collaboration aimed to establish ties between Ukrainian and South African artists.
  • March 22: Ukraine returned 4 children aged 3 to 10 from orphanages and a 12-year-old girl who were abducted by the Russians. Four more children who were forcibly kept in the occupied territories were also rescued and returned to Ukraine-controlled territory.
  • March 15: The UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission presented a new report on the human rights situation in the territory of Ukraine occupied by the Russian Federation and its consequences. The report states the facts when Russia: the Russians threatened parents that their children would be taken away if they were not sent to Russian schools. This is a direct threat of deportation of minors.

Advocacy advances

  1. Together with partners, Ukraine 5 AM Coalition, Almenda, and the Crimean Human Rights Group, conducted a round table, “Stolen Childhood: How Russia Prepares Ukrainian Children for War in Occupation and Deportation,” dedicated to the agenda of Russia’s aggressive militarization and deportation of Ukraine’s minors. 
  2. Ombudsman of Ukraine, Lubinets, convened at the Center for the Protection of Children’s Rights alongside Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Maria Pejchynovych-Burych, and Dominika Hasler, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Education, and Sports of Liechtenstein, who also serves as Chairwoman of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe. At the meeting, Lubinets urged the Council of Europe to actively support the accession of new countries to the International Coalition.
  3. The US House of Representatives adopted a resolution “Condemning the illegal abduction of children from Ukraine to the Russian Federation,” stating the Russian government was responsible for the illegal kidnapping of children from Ukraine.

Materials we facilitated

  • The round table, “Stolen Childhood: How Russia Prepares Ukrainian Children for War in Occupation and Deportation”
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