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Story 13: Vlad

Vlad was forcibly deported to Taganrog from Mariupol at the beginning of March 2022. All his documents, stuff, and money burned in his apartment after a shelling. 

First, Russian soldiers gather all the surviving people in a school. The next day, all people were forced to sit on the bus heading directly to the Russian border. Vlad’s mother and grandmother were taken to another place, so the man doesn’t know what happened to them. Vlad’s most vibrant memory of that night when he crossed the Russian border is his emotions. He cried for the first time since the war started because he could not believe he was leaving his home, he didn’t want it, and he didn’t know where his family and friends were. All his life was ruined.

Upon arriving in Taganrog, Russia, Russians allowed the deported people to take showers for the first time in 2 weeks. There, soon enough, Vlad found allies, and they managed to escape to Estonia in April. 

Vlad went through hell in several filtration camps, suffering hunger, cold, dehydration and ongoing fear. He was taking notes on his phone and was lucky enough to keep it away from the Russians.



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