Bi-Weekly Digest 25

Latest News

  • April 29: The Family Reintegration and Recovery Program, organized by Qatar, is already working for 16 Ukrainian children. These are minors who were deported to Russia or those whose parents were in captivity.
  • April 27: Japan joined the International Coalition for the Return of Ukrainian Children. Now, all G7 countries are the members of the Coalition.
  • April 27: Recent arrivals from the Kremlin-affiliated sect “Znanie” have begun propagandizing in the temporarily occupied territories, aiming to indoctrinate Ukrainian children. These instructors peddle a distorted version of Russian history, painting Ukraine as a bastion of Nazism. Moreover, they actively recruit schoolchildren into the YunArmy, effectively establishing a Russian counterpart to the Hitler Youth.
  • April 25: Ukraine handed Qatar a list of the names of 561 children who were deported by Russians to the territory of the Russian Federation. This list is already being considered by the Russian side with the mediation of Qatar.
  • April 24: Qatar and Ukraine are enhancing their collaboration in facilitating the return of deported Ukrainians to their homeland. Qatar, renowned for its pivotal role as a mediator in the reconciliation efforts for children affected by the Russian-Ukrainian war, has spearheaded the Family Reintegration and Recovery Program.
  • April 24: The charitable organization “Saved Future” was officially launched, dedicated to the repatriation of Ukrainian children forcibly relocated to the Russian Federation, as well as the rehabilitation of children of soldiers and prisoners.
  • April 19: The Center for the Protection of Children’s Rights presented an analytical note on war crimes committed by the Russian Federation against Ukrainian children.
  • April 19: Ukraine has successfully returned 17-year-old Valeriia, who was deported by Russians and forced to study in Russia.



Advocacy advances

  1. Ombudsman of Ukraine, Lubinets, met with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Switzerland to Ukraine Felix Baumann. He thanked Switzerland for supporting point 4 of the President of Ukraine’s Peace Formula and proposed the country to join the International Coalition for the Return of Ukrainian Children.
  2. Together with partners, Ukraine 5 AM Coalition, Almenda, and the Crimean Human Rights Group, we conducted a round table, “Stolen Childhood: How Russia Prepares Ukrainian Children for War in Occupation and Deportation,” dedicated to the agenda of Russia’s aggressive militarization and deportation of Ukraine’s minors. 



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